You wait 6 weeks for it to arrive and when it finally does…it’s the size of a foot-stall. Yes, we are talking side tables.

Oh wait, you didn’t check the measurements? You just went ahead and ordered it because it ‘looked about right’, rookie mistake. Don’t feel too embarrassed as it”s more common than you think. To be fair, retailers do not make it any easier – they style these minuscule tables to make them look bigger in their online pictures and charge as if they are too. It’s as if they want you to buy it and then to be too lazy to send it back – as if!?!? (I have done this before).

It would be handy for us to list all the side tables that are tall enough to legitimately be called side tables, especially ones that are under £100 right? Well, we couldn’t find many. So here are two of our current favs, with a warning to ALWAYS CHECK THE MEASUREMENTS! Your’e welcome.

Rockett St George brass butterfly side table
Rockett St George brass butterfly side table, £95
Ella 'U' side table from Graham & Green
Ella ‘U’ side table from Graham & Green, £207 – £275