Pets: How to rid your home of that pet smell

Erm…how to put this?

If you have a pet, your house probably smells of him/her. The only question is how much. There are some exceptions of course – If you own fish, I would say that you are pretty safe.

Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds – If they live in the house with you, they will have their own smell. So, even if you don’t smell them, others will. You may not care, that’s great. But if you do, there are some options to keep the smell of your pet to a minimum:

  1. Ah Vinegar!: Is there anything it can’t do? It’s not just great on your fish and chips or used to clean glass. Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and some drops of your favourite essential oils – lemon or mint work well. Spray the mixture around the house and let it work it’s magic.
  2. Fresh washing: This works well if you are selling your home, but if you just have visitors coming round, grab some dryer sheets and hang them on your radiators. the smell of clean washing is always comforting.
  3. Be clean: Wash your dog AND his bed.
  4. Good products: We try not recommend brands too much, but Zoflora is great when diluted in a spray bottle, also Febreeze works wonders for soft furnishings.
  5. Room fragrance: Don’t stimp on your room fragrance. Here is my current fav:

6. Get rid of the carpets: It may sound extreme, but you may want to take the carpets up. Carpets harbour germs and smells so if you really want to tackle the smell, this could be a very effective option. If you want to maintain a cosy feel, opt for a wooden floor over tiles. Check this out for a cosy at home feel:

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