Interior styling secrets of the inner circle

“Oh what lovely flowers!” is the response I get when visitors see my latest bouquet (excuse the smug face). Only to my very closest friends do I divulge the truth – it’s an illusion. No, I haven’t mastered the dark arts in an attempt at being featured in Living etc (this is totally something I would do), my bouquet is fake. Only one of the flowers is real  – the trick is in mixing the fake with the real and adding real water… it’s very convincing.

I  save £ every month whilst brightening up every room with ‘fresh’ bouquets. This is just one styling trick that those in the know would prefer you not to – but who am I to keep these pearls of wisdom to myself? Here are a few more from the secret circle of interior stylists:

Use books as props: Yes, of course I am reading that book with the vase on it! If you are looking for a surface to display a lamp, vase or accessory, try a a pile of stylish books.

Dramatic and signature walls: You know how much I love dark walls. You can inject real style into a room by going dark with your paint or choosing a prominent wall to showcase some wallpaper. Steer clear of styles that have been done to death and check out Rockett St George for some amazing wallpaper ideas.

Dryer sheets over the radiator: They say you should bake bread when trying to sell your house, the smell will encourage a purchase.  If you are not that handy in the kitchen, the smell of fresh laundry will do. Just place some dryer sheets over the radiator if you are expecting visitors – this is an especially good trick if you have pets.

Throw something: Grab yourself a throw (faux fur?) and put it at the end of your bed – yep, instant style points. Keeping the rest of the bedlinen white and crisp will leave you visual space to go crazy with colour and texture.

Vary your bed pillows and cushions: Not sure how stylists make beds look so luxurious in magazines? It’s all in the cushionage! The best balance is 2 large square cushions, 4 standard pillows and 2 smaller cushions at the front. The size variance adds depth and height.

Group (but don’t match) your accessories and pictures: Why have one when you can have…lots? Don’t be afraid to put contrasting textures and colours side by side and go big. Adding drama is what it’s all about when it comes to accessorising surfaces and corners – this also counts for your walls, so use all of your wall space and group your pictures in a random mix of frames.

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Add space with a mirror: If you want to make a room look bigger just add a large mirror. Capiche?

Do you have anymore style secrets we can add to this list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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