It may be time for a new workspace…

One that looks more like this?

‘I’m location independent’ – people who work remotely LOVE to say this. I should know, I say it all the time when I am trying to impress literally any office worker who is within hearing distance.

Actually, being location independent can be a right pain when you are trying to pick up the intermittent wifi in your local coffee shop because the walls of your home office have begun to come in on you, your child has spilled juice on your laptop and the pyjamas you have been wearing for the past 3 days are now stiff with congealed porridge and coffee stains.

Location independence only means something when your location is worth talking about – trust me.

If your home office looks like your old work office then you have failed.

Buying yourself a cactus won’t cut it. Instead, take inspiration from these stunning rooms where working and living has been made seamlessly beautiful:

Tiger Buffalo 1908 Wall Mural by
Tiger Buffalo 1908 Wall Mural by
Modern Interior Design Office by BRABBU
Modern Interior Design Office by BRABBU
Wild Wood Home Office Pastels LifestyleWild Wood Home Office Pastels Lifestyle
Wild Wood Home Office items from Wild & Wolf

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