Declutter your home for a less complicated life

Storage boxesOk…maybe you don’t have to go back to the brick, but as we roll towards the end of 2019 and into a new year, may we suggest a bit of a declutter?

2019 has been a tricky one and maybe, just maybe, a declutter will make it all better (ok, maybe not).  At the very least, pressing the refresh button for a new year, should include a bit of a refresh in the home too. If like me you live in London, you’ll know that space is at a premium and finding clever storage solutions is a necessity when keeping an organised home.

You may not know it yet, but that clutter has helped create a mental barrier between you and a less complicated life…yep. So, lets start as we mean to go on.

For those of you who think you’ve been pretty good at clearing the clutter, this is also for you, as we may be able to suggest a few improvements.

In time for the month of January, we have put together a week by week plan for your decluttering pleasure!

davpak-storage-boxWeek 1: Clear out the junk from under the bed

You thought that putting everything under the bed was a good idea… until it become a no-man’s-land of junk and forgotten garments. That’s ok, you were on the right track – utilising the space under the bed can be a brilliant way to store last seasons clothes. That said, it is important to go through those clothes regularly and be strict about what you want to keep and what would be better off at the charity shop. Once you have filtered through, invest in some fit for purpose storage boxes. If you fold and store your clothing properly they will be like new when you pull them out next season.

Week 2: Organise that cupboard

Fighting the door closed on that cupboard every.single.time. is no way to live! This is probably the most important of all decluttering jobs, as it is one of those places that may actually be found by a nosey visitor or well meaning relative who wants to put something away for you. If you don’t want to be discovered as a clutter bug, get it sorted. Plastic, stackable boxes are a brilliant way to organise a cupboard. Sort the random pens, elastic bands and old wires into boxes and label them up.

Week 3: Clear out the corners

beautiful cornerJust because it’s at the edge of the room does not mean that it’s not clutter. Clearing out the corners of your room means that you can actually make a feature out of those spaces. Create a vignette by carefully selecting a few items that will work well together. Clear the junk and create a beautiful corner out of a potential eye sore.

Week 4: Create new storage solutions

Use your imagination – it doesn’t already exist but that does not mean it is not an option. Try using every possible space, above the door, unused corners, under the stairs…just keep an opened mind. Decluttering can really make a difference in a small space so get clearing and bring in the new year with a fresh new home environment.

Do you have any storage ideas for small spaces? 

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