When you find the thing…

Meet the thing…

The Stelton Brass Vacuum Jug at £115: www.cloudberryliving.co.uk

You thought you were done, after all you’ve been working on that room for ages. You have asked yourself numerous times ‘it can’t get any better than this can it?’.

Then you find the thing. That thing you didn’t even realise you wanted.

You may not use the thing very much, it might just live on the table for a while (just until you move it to the perfect spot). It doesn’t matter, because the thing is here and it is epic. *cue orchestra*

Meet the thing:

Other things we love from www.cloudberryliving.co.uk:

Plant stands, £32
Plant stands, £32
Oak Trivet, £29
Oak Trivet, £29

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